Questions & Answers

  • Why are faAB ready-made panels my best choice?
  • Our customers can expect all the best elements of a custom-made drapery panel without the high cost. All faAB draperies are made from designer quality fabrics and each panel is extra wide and extra long. Plus, they are finished with generous 4" (10 cm) hems, 1" (2.5 cm) turned sides and custom style headings. We offer six choices, Pleat, Grommet, Perfect Pleat II, Inverted Pleat, Classic Pleat and Rod Pocket. We can guarantee that no other ready-made drapery manufacturer can boast the features, advantages and benefits of a faAB panel.

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  • How many panels will I need?
  • To calculate the number of panels you will require, measure the width of the window (using outside frame dimensions.) This will determine the full width of the drapery rod you will require. Then, using the chart below, calculate the minimum stacking area for the faAB drapery panel style you have chosen. The result is the maximum number of panels that can fit comfortably across your drapery rod.

    Style Panel’s Finished Width Minimum Stacking Area
    faAB Pleat 48"–52" (122 cm–132 cm) compacts to 10" (25 cm)
    Grommet Panel 52" (132 cm) compacts to 8" (20 cm)
    Perfect Pleat II 27" (69 cm) compacts to 12" (30 cm)
    Inverted Pleat 27" (69 cm) compacts to 12" (30 cm)
    Classic Pleat 27" (69 cm) compacts to 12" (30 cm)
    Rod Pocket 52" (132 cm)  

    Stacking Area: The term used to describe the minimum amount of space the heading on a faAB drapery panel will use across the rod when that panel is comfortably pushed (stacked) to the outside of the rod.

    The Calculation: Using the chart, note the minimum stacking area for each heading style. Using the length of your drapery rod, divide that number by the minimum stacking area for the style chosen. The result is the maximum number of panels that will fit across the drapery rod.

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  • How wide are the panels?
  • Each panel is 27" (69 cm), 48" (122 cm), 52" (132 cm) or wider. Compare this to other ready-made products which are often as narrow as 42" (109 cm). At faAB, we manufacture with designer quality fabrics only and our fabrics are at least 52" (132 cm) wide (some fabrics are over 60" (152 cm) wide). From the raw bolt, we turn and stitch 1" (2.5 cm) side seams resulting in a finished panel of 48" (122 cm) wide. Our generous width means you get a fuller look without the expense of additional panels.
  • Why are all the faAB panels 96" (244 cm) long?
  • Yes, 96" (244 cm) is a very generous length when compared to other ready-made panels at only 84" (218 cm). At 96" (244 cm) long, a faAB panel fits a standard 8' (244 cm) ceiling. When hung at the top of the window frame, there is plenty of length so you can make your own design decisions, puddle the drapery on the floor, pull back with a decorative tie-back, kneel the panel casually on the floor for a contemporary look, or hang the rod higher so the panel just skims the floor.

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  • Are the panels lined?
  • faAB's newest custom feature is our fully lined draperies, now available in selected collections. Not every application requires lining—faAB panels manufactured from lightweight fabrics are unlined to maintain the softness and sheerness of the fabric. If required, a faAB liner can easily be added to our unlined medium to heavyweight drapery panels. This will extend the life of the draperies.

    Now, exclusive to faAB, our silk panels are fully lined in superior quality, soft BlackOut lining. BlackOut offers insulating properties against cold, heat, sound, damaging UV rays and has room-darkening properties.

    For more information about our lining see our Linings page.
  • Can faAB panels provide privacy?
  • If you choose a heavier weight fabric, it will provide instant privacy. In the lightweight or sheer fabrics, privacy can easily be achieved by stacking multiple panels across the rod; this will create extra fullness and density. It's simple to do, just measure the overall length of the drapery rod using the calculation for minimum stacking area for the faAB heading and cover the rod from 2 to 3 times fullness. This will make a lush looking window and provide privacy.
  • Will the drapery panels fade?
  • Over time all fabrics will fade but there is less chance of sun damage and fading when choosing man-made fabrics and blends. To counter this, all faAB draperies manufactured from natural fibres, including our silks and linens, are fully lined to extend the life of the panel.

    For more information about choosing drapery fabrics see our Fabric Choices page.
  • What type of drapery rod will I require?
  • Ready-made drapery panels are the perfect choice for decorative curtain rods. The rods are simple to install and faAB ready-made panels have headings which are specifically designed to easily slip onto a drapery pole that is ¾" to 1½" (2 cm to 4 cm) thick. We recommend hanging the panels on a decorative rod that has been installed 4" (10 cm) above the window frame. This will prevent light from leaking in over top of the panel and give a finished look. It's decorating made easy!

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