Glossary of Terms


A metal or wood support used to affix the decorative rod to the wall.

Decorative Rod Set

A set of drapery hardware consisting of a pole made from wood or metal with brackets and two finials.

Double Width

An extra-wide drapery panel consisting of two single panels sewn together lengthwise to form one wide panel.


A decorative end cap affixed to each end of the pole in a decorative rod set.


A 1' (2.5 cm) high band across the top of the drapery panel above the 1½" (4 cm) pocket on a Rod Pocket Panel; when the drapery is shirred on a rod, a ruffle or frill is created.

Goblet Pleat

A style of the traditional pinch pleat, where the back of the pleat is sewn to the heading at the top to form a hollow tube.


A large metal ring or eyelet inserted evenly across the drapery heading, allowing the drapery rod to pass through.


Top edge of the drapery panel; a turned and sewn 4" (10 cm) double thickness band of fabric, constructed using a tab, grommet or goblets style pleat.


A drapery rod where the cross section resembles the letter I, used with runners as a track for drapery panels to glide across.


describes when the drapery panel is just long enough to lightly rest on the floor.

Man-made Fibres

The components of fabrics (synthetic) such as polyester, nylon, acrylic and polyolefin, which are mechanically or chemically produced.

Natural Fibres

The components of yarn used in the consrtruction of fabric such as silk and linen, derived from nature.


A single width of drapery fabric where the finished size across the top is the width of the bolt of fabric from which it was made, typically ranging between 48"–54" (122 cm–137 cm).

Pleat Panel

A drapery panel that will lie flat, but when shirred on the rod using the tabs attached to the back of the heading, falls into natural folds or pleats.


The rippled effect created when the fabric is gathered or pushed back across the rod.


The action of pushing or gliding the panel onto a drapery rod.


When the bottom hem of the drapery panel sits just above or lightly touches the floor.


When the drapery panel is pushed to the outside end of the rod.

Stacking Area

The minimum amount of space a panel requires when ruched on a drapery rod.


One inch of fabric added to the top of the heading of the drapery so when the panel is shirred on a rod, the top edge of the panel covers the bracket.

Traverse Rod

A type of drapery rod with a mechanism allowing the drapery to be opened and closed by pulling a cord.

Two-times Fullness

When the overall width of the drapery panels is double the width of the window.