Ready-mades, Perfected

faAB HomeFashions has brought creativity along with high standards in design, construction and manufacturing to ready-made draperies. Quality fabrics are married with exclusive styling and “faux custom features.”

faAB Pleat

Shown: faAB Pleat with Sheers.

Designer Tip

Floors, walls and large upholstery pieces are the major ingredient in any room.
Using colours plucked from these elements as inspiration can result in drapes hung in dramatic saturated colours or updated calming taupes.

Well chosen ready-made draperies add spice and act as the final touch tying all your décor elements together.

What faAB windows are wearing

faAB's ready-mades have headings especially designed to slip easily onto any standard, decorative drapery rod.

Whether the drapery features a rod pocket, tabs hidden on the back (faAB Pleat), grommets or a fixed pleat heading (Perfect Pleat II/Inverted Pleat/Classic Pleat), the panel will hang in unstructured folds across the rod. When tightly ruched or stacked on the rod the drapery panels create volume on the window. This gives a customized elegant look. For a more casual effect, spread panels loosely across the rod.

Surface Texture

Draperies manufactured with fabrics that include interesting surface textures and natural fibres are a significant design trend. Customers are enticed by silk, natural linens, bulky chenille and intricately woven damasks.

New length

Extra-long draperies that puddle on the floor have been replaced with floor-length draperies that just skim the floor or allow the panel to lightly rest on the floor. Just add a few inches to the length and the drape will “kneel” on the floor the way a well-tailored trouser breaks over a shoe.