How to Install Designer Drapery Hardware

Trax by Unique Fine Fabrics & Bayview by Alendel

Determine the Width of the Window

Measure the width of the window from the outside edge of the casing on each side. Then, determine how far past the window casing you would like the drapery to extend.

A rule-of-thumb is 6" to 8" (15 cm to 20 cm) on each side. This ensures that light from the window does not leak in from the edge of the drapery.

With that measurement, calculate how wide the decorative rod needs to be.

They are available from Unique in 4' (122 cm), 6' (183 cm) and 8' (244 cm) lengths and from Alendel in 6.5' (198 cm) and 8.5' (260 cm) lengths. If you need less than any of these standard lengths, cut the pole with a pipe cutter or hack saw to fit the precise width required.

If you require longer than 8' (240 cm) you will need to calculate the most efficient combination of pole widths to use.

For a wide window determine the pole length based on cutting the rods to fit with a joiner installed in the centre of the length of rod. Joiners are available for both the Trax and Bayview hardware.

Example: For a window 100" wide (254 cm) purchase two 6' (183 cm) poles and cut each to make a pole 50" (127 cm) long. This will ensure that the joiner is positioned right in the middle of the window.

When using a joiner you will require three regular brackets. One for each end plus one positioned where the rod has been cut and the joiner is installed. This is integral for stability.

The brackets should be installed on the wall approximately 2" (5 cm) in from the finial. Then, when hanging the drapery panel, place one tab, grommet or drapery ring between the bracket and the finial. This will ensure that the drapery does not pull away and reveal the edge of the window when being moved.

Determine the Height that you will Install the Drapery Rod

For a tall ceiling, 9' (274 cm) plus, split the distance between the ceiling or decorative moulding and the top edge of the window casing.

For an 8' (244 cm) ceiling, install the drapery rod as close to the ceiling as possible. Taking in to account the size of your decorative finials. This will give the room height and create drama.

Here is a simple rule – Using the guidelines above, determine at what height you would like to install the drapery rod. Measure and mark the wall or record the height you have chosen. You will use it again when installing the drapery rod.

Calculate the Length of the Drapery Panel

Now that you have established where your rod will be installed, you can determine the length of your drapery panel.



Just above the floor.


Add 1" or 2" (2.5 cm to 5 cm) to the length of the drapery panel so that they kneel casually on the floor for a relaxed look.

faAB Tip

All Drapery fabric is effected by variations in humidity. You can expect the drapes to relax and lengthen slightly. It is a natural occurrence. If you do not want the panels to touch the floor, take up to 2" (5 cm) off the length off the drapery.

When you are ready to install the drapery panels mark the wall at the height for the rod that you have chosen. Then simply install the top edge of the drapery bracket on the wall at that mark (see below.) This will work regardless of which style bracket you have chosen.

Take Up

Take Up

There is a 1" (2.5 cm) take-up on the top edge of the panel. This extra fabric extends past the tabs or grommets on all faAB ready-made panels. Its purpose is to hide the bracket from view and is part of the overall finished length of the drape. Drapery brackets have a 1" off-set (2.5 cm) designed in to accommodate this feature.

Additional Tips

Showing Rings
When using pin hooks and decorative rings move the pin hook closer to the top edge of the drapery to lengthen the overall drop of the drapery and make the rings visible.
Hiding Rings
Move the pin hook lower on the heading to shorten the overall drop of the drapery and make the rings disappear behind the panel.
Tab on back of faAB Pleat
Use the tabs on the back of the faAB Pleat as a guide for pin hooks.
Package of Pin Hooks
The faAB Pleat also works beautifully with the addition of decorative rings. It gives the panel a designer look and makes the drapery easier to move across the rod. Simply use the ten tabs sewn on the back of the drapery as an easy guide for installing the pin hooks. There is a package of pin hooks sewn on to the back of the drapery panel.
Secure Installation
For a really secure installation use a large safety pin to attach the ring to the back of the drapery.
Inside measurement of the grommet
Inside measurement of the grommet is 1.5" (4 cm), purchase drapery rods that are 1.5" (4 cm)
or less in diameter.