Care and Cleaning

Ready-made panels, when removed from the package, may have creases created from the fold lines. These should fall out over time, without pressing due to the weight of the panel hanging on the drapery rod. In fact, some customers find that the light creases and wrinkles add interest to the drapery.

If you prefer, press your panels before installing them on the rod. Follow the instructions below:

  • Remove creases by pressing the face fabric of the drapery lightly with DRY HEAT ONLY!
  • Use the appropriate fabric setting when pressing the face fabric. Fabric "content" is indicated on the sewn-in label on the reverse side of each drapery panel. Draperies may contain Polyester, Silk, Linen, Cotton, or blends.
  • If pressing the lining avoid direct heat. The acrylic coating on the composite lining may be adversely affected by the application of heat.
  • Do not use a steamer or steam iron. The intense heat may shrink the fabric and water can leave marks on the delicate face of the fabric.

Care and Cleaning

Regular Maintenance

To keep the natural luster and sheen on the face fabric of your drapery, we recommend regular vacuuming.

Use the fabric attachment on your vacuum cleaner to gently clean the face fabric and remove dust and loose surface dirt.

Designer Tip

Dry Clean Only! Use a reputable dry cleaner only. Bring the content of the face fabric and the lining content to the attention of your cleaning professional.

Special care should be taken by your cleaning professional to avoid damage to the face fabric and/or lining.

With regular maintenance, dry cleaning should only be required to remove noticeable stains.